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Who We Are

In an industry with a reputation likened to a car sales industry, we seized the opportunity to launch one of the most recognized and respected training industry brands, Recruitment Academy. We are an organization that constantly innovates within an entire industry and have absolutely no hesitation to bring to life and to the market first, well overdue initiatives such as Recruitment Academy, and Australia’s first exclusive career site for recruiters, Recruit Me Now.

From day one, Recruitment Academy has sought to improve the service delivery and performance standards of new consultants, to enhance the industry’s reputation and to build a stronger sense of professionalism from within. As a result of our high profile, branding, marketing and our solid reputation, Recruitment Academy has organically become a leading training specialist within the recruitment industry. With a constantly changing market, it is always a challenge to stay ahead, and strong, highly skilled recruitment consultants are the cornerstone in any strategic advancement.

The bedrock of Recruitment Academy is our team of expert recruitment and training professionals and our diverse range of industry products and services. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry is of a calibre that can only be obtained from on-the-ground experience in recruitment. We have identified a breach in the recruitment industry: exceedingly high attrition rates are bleeding recruitment consultants from the ground and there is a lack of skilled, industry savvy professionals to step into their place.

Our aim is to give candidates and recruitment consultants an extensive and grounded source of knowledge and programs that empower them to not only succeed in the recruitment industry but to thrive in it. We believe clients today expect their recruitment consultants to implicitly understand business, to be trained in all types of interviewing methodology, and to be knowledgeable about many industry types. That type of background is difficult to build on the job, and meanwhile, clients are paying the price for their consultants’ inexperience.

Recruitment Academy offers the industry a way to attack any skills shortage head on. Through us, recruitment agencies have access to select job-ready (via our job board Recruit Me Now), pre inducted “Academy Graduates”. Our pool of graduates is constantly growing, Recruitment Academy has become recognised as a leading induction and training service available to recruitment consultants entering the industry.

We have trained hundreds of candidates from all industry backgrounds, including retail, travel, IT, real estate, banking and finance, accounting, hospitality, trade, industrial, call centre, executive, sales and marketing, recruitment and human resources as well as generalist candidates.

We offer professional, market leading induction and training services that are adaptable to your organisation’s needs. We can take newly appointed recruits off your hands, training them at our dedicated induction courses or, if you find yourself with limited resources or congested staff intake, Recruitment Academy is ready to facilitate an in-house induction course, tailored specifically to your organization, nationally.

Our goal is to:

  • Make the recruitment industry a better place for employees to work;
  • Increase the standard of candidates entering the industry;
  • Minimise attrition within the Recruitment Industry;
  • Help in-house HR improve return from recruitment investment;
  • Offer recruitment agencies access to a reputable range of recruitment training products, the best line up of industry leaders and the facility to showcase pre-inducted, industry-savvy consultants who are productive from day one.

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Louise King Director


Louise is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry having established the world’s first scientific recruitment agency in 1985 which was later sold to Kelly Services, an international recruitment company.  Louise re-joined Kelly Services in 2003 as Branch Manager progressing to the role of National Sales Manager, selling Kelly’s workforce solutions to large corporations, and bringing in over $2 million in GP over 2 years.

During her last few years at Kelly, Louise became passionate about ‘giving back to the recruitment community’ and invested heavily into the training and mentoring of new recruiters at Kelly.  She knew then, recruitment training was her calling in life and the next and final step of her career.  After celebrating her 10 year anniversary at Kelly Services, Louise resigned to pursue this calling, and, together with her amazingly wonderful and talented husband, Ellis, purchased ‘Recruitment Academy’.

Louise also comes from an impressive corporate background, having spent 12 years as a Director of STAR Technology and Director of Russia’s largest gold mining company, LenGold, in partnership with Boris Yeltsin, Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister in-waiting) and Neville Wran (former Premier of NSW).


Ellis King Director

Ellis, together with his wife Louise, Ellispurchased Recruitment Academy to not only capitalise on their individual corporate strengths, but to embrace their passion for providing a solid training platform for the recruitment Industry.  While Louise will manage the ’front end’ of the business, utilising her vast expertise within the recruitment industry, Ellis will manage the ‘back end’ of the business, ensuring all the ‘mechanics’ of running the business smoothly are successful and reliable.

Ellis comes from a successful career of establishing his own finance company spanning over 20 years and followed that by developing an international marketing business, during which time he became an accomplished presenter and sales trainer in many large seminars around the world and for the past 8 years has been the General Manager of Taymar International.

Ellis also is credentialed in Franchise Consulting, establishing Franchise Businesses from onset. Ellis holds a Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management and has been a Justice of the Peace in NSW for 25+ years.


Michael Dimopoulos – Founder 


As the founder of Recruitment Academy, Michael has successfully positioned Recruitment Academy as the first Induction, Training and Placement institution of it’s kind in Australia. This places Recruitment Academy in a distinctive position within the market place offering a unique service to the recruitment industry and creating recruitment success stories.

Michael’s extensive experience in strategic development, innovation, passion and an extraordinary vision has been the foundation of his success.

With over 15 years industry experience in Australia, Asia & the UK, his career is more than a mere success story; it is a testament to his dedication and commitment to the industry – a dedication he is driven to pass on.



Darrell Ballard  – Head of Online Training & Development 

Following years of disappointment with the quality of Darrellnew recruits to the recruitment industry, and tireless efforts to internally train staff Darrell came to the founder of RA, Michael Dimopoulos with an idea. To have a dedicated training program mapped to National qualification for those entering, new to or just wanting recognition of their skills in the recruitment industry.
Darrell has over 20 years executive experience, across a variety of industry sectors within the Asia Pacific region. He has Executive Management experience up to COO level, with a primary focus on listed Recruitment and Training companies delivering revenues between $400M-$1.6B annualised.


Maria Borg – Principal Facilitator


Maria Borg has been a facilitator with Recruitment Academy since we opened our doors in 2006.

Having graduated from The University of Sydney, Maria began her career in the recruitment industry at an international recruiting firm.

After earning her stripes as a recruiter, and as a seasoned manager, trainer and mentor, Maria became responsible for the induction and ongoing training of recruitment consultants and internal recruiters throughout Australia/NZ and UK, across a multitude of industries and specialisations.

From there, Maria went on to create specialised training not only for recruiters but also for recruitment Sales and Leadership teams, focusing heavily on the creation of Mindset, State, the psychology of Taking Action and conquering Limiting Beliefs as an avenue for behavioural change.

Due also to Maria’s passion and qualifications in Health and Wellness, Maria has extended our renowned recruitment training to include our ‘Mind, Body, Career’ Program – a wellness program specifically for recruiting professionals, thus revolutionising how recruiters look at their careers and lives.

Maria is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, certified NLP practitioner, Recruitment trainer and Motivational Speaker and now takes her 21 years of coaching, facilitation and speaking to a whole new level.



Lynda Petrovski – Principal Facilitator

Lynda Petrovski has approximately 20 years about4experience in executive search and selection and over 10 years combined experience in organisational psychology. She has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science double major Psychology & Sociology. Member Australian Psychological Society abbreviated as B.B.Sc; MAPS.

She is accredited in over 20 different assessment, profiling and leadership tools. Throughout her career she has advised a number of organisations on how to identify the best people in the marketplace coupled with providing contemporary human resource methodologies. Lynda has also participated in specific executive management workshops for clients particularly within Financial Services.

Lynda focuses on pursuing her work as an executive search consultant by assisting companies to realise their greater potential when partnering in executive search assignments and psychological services for recruitment and development.

Lynda has placed managing directors, divisional heads, and senior executives with hybrid skills, specialising in general management, marketing, investments, operations, finance, sales/business development and HR. Lynda has worked on a number of key mandates for the Big 4 banking groups, global investment managers, insurance, and other major corporations.

Previously Lynda was aligned with a boutique search firm as a Senior Associate working alongside three other partners for several years and prior to that she held a state management position for five years with an Australian based company offering HR, recruitment and training services. She has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and is a Registered Psychologist.

“I guess that’s who we are…”